Visual Design • Graphic Design • UI Design

Great design solves problems.

Bringing two decades of experience to bear on creative problems of all shapes. sizes and scopes.




Brand Design


Fonts, colors, photography, visual marks and a strong voice all contribute to how the world sees your brand. Your logo is just the beginning,

Graphic Design


Consistancy across all of your marketing materials is key to keeping your brand strong and healthy. We’ll help you stand out in the crowd.

Website/UI Design


We can translate your brief into a beautiful responsive website or design pixel perfect custom UI for your application or product.


Studio Warlick is a boutique, virtual design studio anchored in Dallas, deep in the heart of Texas. Founded by illustrator Matthew Warlick, we’re a small, hand-picked, tight-knit team who love to design and build experiences that surprise and delight clients and customers.

We believe that a healthy mix of process and improvisation is key to bringing great creative projects to life. We believe in ethical user experiences and the power of design thinking. We believe that great design solves problems. 


Matthew Warlick

Over the past 20 years, Matthew has worked with some of Dallas’ top agencies, software developers, and brands to bring creative projects to life. As Principal and Creative Director he oversees all things design and digital he brings two decades of creative expertise in graphic, web, and UI/UX design to Warlick Studios.


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